Ethics 101

Just because it's legal...

Doesn't make it moral

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NSL Brands Itself With

Did you know the NSL
government promotes group
who advocates for
and no requirement for parental
notification or consent in the case
of a minor seeking an

Nazis Promoted Abortion

Primarily democrats and their
related organizations encourage
and enable the killing of unborn
children without justification other
than exercising "Free Choice",
a slogan Nazis promoted to those
they wanted controlled and dead.


'...Hitler himself said:

"They may use contraceptives or
practice abortion--the more the
better. In view of the large families
of the native population, it could
only suit us if girls and women
there had as many abortions as
possible. Active trade in
contraceptives ought to be
actually encouraged in the
Eastern territories, as we could
not possibly have the slightest
interest in increasing the non-
Germanic population." (Harvest
of Hate, 1954, pp. 273-4...)

Bormann personally wrote:

"When girls and women in the
Occupied Territories of the East
have abortions, we can only be in
favor of it; in any case we should
not oppose it. The Fuhrer believes
that we should authorize the
development in a thriving trade
in contraceptives. We are not
interested in seeing the non-
German population multiply."
(ibid, p.274)

On November 25, 1939, the
Reich Commission for the
Strengthening of Germandom
(RKFDV), an SS organization,
issued this following decree in

"All measures which have the
tendency to limit the births are to
be tolerated or to be supported.
Abortion in the remaining area of
Poland must be declared free
from punishment. The means for
abortion and contraceptive
means may be offered publicly
without police restriction...The
institutions and persons involved
professionally in abortion
practices are not to be interfered
with by police." (Secret Nazi
Plans for Eastern Europe, 1961,

...The same pro-abortion order
was established in...the territories
that the Nazis occupied except
where the population was
considered "Aryan" (Norway,
Denmark, the Netherlands,
Flemish Belgium). On 27 April,
1943, Prof. Erhard Wetzel, Racial
Administrator for the Reich's
Eastern Territories Ministry,
wrote this memorandum:

"Every propaganda means,
especially the press, radio, and
movies, as well as pamphlets,
booklets, and lectures, must be
used to instill in the Russian
population the idea that it is
harmful to have several children.
We must emphazise the expenses
that children cause, the good
things that people could have had
with the money spent on them.
We could also hint at the
dangerous effect of child-bearing
on a woman's health. Paralleling
such propaganda, a large-scale
campaign would be launched in
favor of contraceptive devices.
A contraceptive industry must
be established. Neither the
circulation and sale of
contraceptives nor abortions
must be prosecuted. It will even
be necessary to open special
institutions for abortion, and to
train midwives and nurses for
this purpose. The population
will practice abortion all the
more willingly if these
institutions are competently
operated." (Harvest of Hate,
...End Quote

$50,000.00 Disappeared

Did you know NSL government
  transferred $50,000.00 American
Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds out of
the city (2021) to the Davis Education
Foundation with no strings attached
and its director, Jodi Lunt, reported
income of $176,749.00 (2019-20
Schedule J, 990 Form, page 2).
Found here

Why the Public Education System
Is Worse Than a Monopoly

The public education system wants
boundaries unless it concerns money,
the children, and parental rights.

An even financial playing field is
not established to allow for a full
manifestation of charter and
private school choices, thus most
parents and guardians do not have
realistic alternatives.

Forced taxes are placed on society
as a whole, but taxpayers (the
greatest stakeholders) are without
recourse between elections, and
not provided vouchers or options
to withhold or withdraw funds
where there is disagreement with
the public education system.

The public education system does
not hold itself to the same fiscal
standards (controlled costs including
limits on positions and salaries) that
private enterprises and publically
traded companies adhere to.

Excessive credit is lavished on
the public education system where
the results (percentage of graduates,
test scores, post public education
successes, and untracked/dismissed
failures) are reasonably the same
each year for any given market, and
would still be expected where there
is freedom for competition.

Financial credit in the form of
lower taxes is not given to society, to
parents, guardians, and tutors, or on
behalf of the hard working students
whose own excellence was key.

Too much self-aggrandizement in
the public education system in
which the unions exploit to drive
up fake competition between
districts resulting in an increase in
overall costs to the taxpayers.

Districts including commissions
have many public education
career insiders, and that is not a
true representation of the
taxpayers; the said elected
officials have a conflict of interest
due to institutional bias.

As government work is often
contracted out, public education
should be bidded every year as it
relates to all of its services and
employment including unelected
administration, teachers, meals,
transportation, etc.

All public (taxpayer compensated)
employees including administrators
and teachers should be required to
take an oath to support the U.S.
Constitution and pledge allegiance
to the Flag of the United States of
America as a condition to be hired
and continued employment.

Ballot Measures

Did you know NSL government
created a debt in the millions, at
a higher rate of interest, instead
of placing the bond up for a
[Yes / No] vote on the ballot?

(I will promote ballot measures)

Public Education = RRR

Agreed, teach how to think, not what

(Remind them who they work for)

Protect Borders

Everyone should be concerned

(Tulsi Gabbard interview)

United We Stand

Dr. Carol Swain on...

(Civil Rights Act = Everyone)

End Self-Inflicted Inflation

Higher minimum wages hurt...

(The cost of gaining experience)

Practice Conservation

They provide no habitat...

(About those lawns)

Milkweed for Western Monarchs

(Site, soil type, protection, and care)

Monarchs & Milkweed

(Yosemite Nature Notes)

Election Integrity

Forencic audits for elections

(Make sure legal votes count)

Avoid Gullible Giving

Be aware that criminals are using
fake (spoofed) numbers to text and
elicit fake campaign contributions.

Especially for federal elections

Basically they pretend affiliation
to a political party, candidate, or
cause. Never donate based on texts
and don't click on links in e-mail.

(Contact a campaign directly)

Your opinion of Davis School District

(Please share survey)

Links for Educators:

Association of American Educators

Christian Educators Association International

How to Opt Out of Teacher Union
(Teacher Freedom)

Keystone Teachers Association

Gary Steven Widders

pledges allegiance to the Flag of
the United States of America, and
to the Republic for which it stands
one Nation, under God, indivisible,
with liberty and justice for all.